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It’s a digital world. Technology, media platforms and buying behaviours are causing rapid change within marketing and sales departments. How are you keeping pace with change and how is your team adapting and delivering? At Modern, we’re the B2B marketing agency that’s digital by design. What’s next for you?

Director's Guide to Getting Buy-In From The Board

Are you ready for the buy-in you need?

  • The changing role of the B2B marketer
  • How B2B marketers can empower themselves
  • Different perceptions of marketing’s role
  • How to get heard in the boardroom
  • What data and analytics to use to embrace forward thinking

Changing digital for global brands

Shaping a marketing function
300% increase in leads in 2 months
Delivering leads through LinkedIn
Bringing performance analytics to marketing
$1M sales pipeline through social video strategy
Multi-touch email campaign supported with remarketing



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