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The Importance Of The Client Agency Relationship And Why It Works

I’ve been an agency girl all my life and have been lucky enough to work in excellent agencies. Back in one of my first agencies, Proximity London, the client services team had relationship training. It was about understanding people, matching similar personality types and marking off various people within the client team – it was smart and it...

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What Does A CMO Really Want?

What does a CMO really want? I’ve had a couple of insightful conversations recently with marketing leaders or CMOs that I wholeheartedly respect. These conversations validated my thinking about what we see when we work with clients, but it’s good to hear it direct from the horses’ mouth (so to say). So, in the process, I asked them what...

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Predicting your marketing performance

Predicting Your Marketing Performance

Predicting your marketing performance I’m sitting on a train to London. The hills are rolling by and it’s a dreary day, with a pinky, orange hue over the grey clouds. I’m sitting in a backward facing seat which isn’t my favourite thing. I’m off to run a workshop on benchmarking and forecasting marketing performance with a client so they can...

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16 Pillars Of B2B Marketing

I started this process on the basis that a strategy that aligns with the business is already on the cards. From there, what would the pillars that support that overarching strategy be?

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B2B Marketing Doesn’t Take A Summer Break. Neither Should You.

B2B marketing doesn't take a summer break. Neither should you.

It’s safe to say that summer has officially arrived in the UK, and not just because we’ve had amazing weather for the last 2 months. Schools have broken up and many people will start heading off to even sunnier destinations for a break. Some call this period the “summer...

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Marketing Automation System

Marketing Automation System: What’s The Value

Do you get value from your marketing automation system? Most businesses these days have a marketing automation system that allows them to do more, track more and perform better.  Well, you’d think it would.  Sometimes, that’s not always the case.  How much value do you think you get from your system? Often with a MAP, we’re...

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Dark Social Posts

Dark Social Posts: Step Into The Light

Dark social posts: step into the light

If you’re an avid user of Google Analytics like myself, then you may have noticed a growing proportion of direct traffic to your site. Whilst some of this traffic may well be from users that have accessed your site by typing the URL in or clicking on a bookmark, it’s more likely to be down to dark...

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B2B Email Subject Lines: Keep To The Subject

B2B email subject lines: keep to the subject

Email remains the number one converting channel for most B2B marketers. You’ve worked hard to get that data, maintain it and ensure it aligns with GDPR requirements, so getting those all-important contacts to open an email is critical if you’re going to hit your numbers. Assuming that...

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B2B Digital Leader

The Characteristics of an Effective Digital Leader Part 2

The characteristics of an effective digital leader, part 2

In our first blog in this two-part series, we looked at how to set a vision for digital change and how to integrate digital into not only the marketing team, but the wider organisation. Below we’ll take a look further into how to implement change by looking at introducing...

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Marketing Attribution

The Challenge of Marketing Attribution: What Drove The Sale?

The challenge of marketing attribution: what drove the sale?

I love a challenge and marketing attribution is always one that presents a challenge.  I’m still looking for the perfect marketing performance solution that tells me revenue and conversions by first touch, last touch, conversion point, conversion type and campaign –...

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