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Director’s Guide: The Making of a B2B Digital Leader


It’s critical in this digital era to have confident marketing leaders who understand digital change, and how it not only affects the marketing function but also the business as a whole.

There is a need to understand from a technical point of view how digital works, but also how to implement these tactics into a wider strategy and then run with it.

We know that research across the world is telling us that customers are moving more and more toward a purely digital relationship with the businesses that they interact with.  Therefore, B2B marketing which is dominated by digital is becoming the driving force for an innovative response to these market demands.

Alongside this then, comes the need for strong and effective digital leaders to focus marketing efforts. But here comes the problem; digital natives aren’t equipped to influence change, middle-management are too reactive and senior marketers often lack digital knowledge.

Marketing leaders need skills from all three groups in order to really drive sustainable digital strategy. You need the technical knowledge, the hands on ability to know how it all works and the strategic mind and gravitas to push things forward.

So how, as a marketing leader, can you address this?

In this guide we highlight where the biggest changes in approach will be required – as well as the qualities that are needed in a digital leader to deliver the change successfully.



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