Content Marketing Mistakes

9 Big Content Marketing Mistakes

9 big content marketing mistakes

Right now, it's all about content marketing. Producing original content is one of the best tools a digital marketer can use to generate awareness, nurture interest and ultimately capture data that can be converted into solid leads. The 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report, prepared by the B2B...

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Personalised Marketing

A New Era Of Personalised Marketing

A new era of personalised marketing

A while ago a discussion was raised at a DMA Council meeting on where marketing was going. As usual, everyone had a different opinion, but essentially we were all agreed that significant changes were happening within the realm of marketing as new channels and technologies enabled more customised and...

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Aligning Sales and Marketing

7 Challenges For Aligning Sales and Marketing (and How They Can Be Overcome)

7 challenges for aligning sales and marketing (and how they can be overcome)

In recent times there has been much debate about aligning sales and marketing for improved business performance. In a previous blog, we discussed ‘the difference between B2B marketing and sales’, we noted that each function rarely gives due recognition to the...

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Evaluating Creative Work

Evaluating Creative Work: 7 Questions You Should Be Asking

Evaluating creative work: 7 questions you should be asking

Many of the people I work these days are great business people who run profitable and successful businesses. They're fun to work with and want to get great results from the marketing collateral that they put out there, whether it's a website, direct mail or social media...

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Sales and marketing alignment

What’s The Difference Between B2B Marketing and Sales?

What's the difference between B2B marketing and sales?

I have never met a marketer in B2B marketing that would describe themselves as ‘a salesperson’, however there are many a salesperson whom claim to be ‘in marketing’. As a philosophy, this is no bad thing – B2B marketing needs to extend beyond a marketing department so that the...

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Lead generation data

You Are Only As Good As Your Data (When It Comes To Lead Generation)

You are only as good as your data

I could probably talk about the importance of data all day, so I’ll keep try and keep this blog brief! Data is important, vital even. Data IS the lifeblood of the marketing industry – and essential if you want any kind of success from your marketing. The intrinsic value of your existing customer...

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Nurture Prospects On Social

How to nurture prospects through social media

How to nurture prospects through social media

Being able nurture prospects via social media is becoming more of a skill and more important. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) have released research (October 2012) revealing that 55% of UK organisations have now adapted their business strategies to become more social. The same...

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