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3 steps to optimising your B2B digital advertising campaigns

As a B2B marketer, it can be frustrating waiting for the results of performance campaigns in order to analyse, optimise and push campaigns forward.

You’ve probably also looked enviously over at the B2C world, where it’s totally different. In B2C you put data in, get data out and see insights quickly. Easy, right?

We don’t have that luxury in the B2B world. The time it takes to understand if the conversions we generate have delivered results can often be up to two years.

But does that mean we should be thinking negatively about all of this? Absolutely not.

The upside to the length of time that it takes to get results and analyse B2B ad performance means more time to devise and carry out optimisations. The even better news is that you can make small-scale optimisations that will have a big impact…and you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it.

3 steps to optimising your campaigns

  1. Order and process
  2. Take a look at your accounts. You don’t need to test too much to make a massive impact. It’s perfectly possible to test new techniques on a small budget to see if they’re going to make a difference to a campaign (we’re talking here about investing hundreds, not thousands).

  3. Micro-testing for speed
  4. Use multiple micro-tests rather than huge testing programmes – this will help you get results faster than traditional A/B tests while managing your budgets.

  5. Set statistically reliable thresholds
  6. It can take an age to get high volumes of results in B2B. So reject standard thresholds that allow a statistically reliable result and apply common sense rules to what you’re analysing.

    What’s next?

    As you can see, it’s all about thinking small, keeping focused, and keeping to budget.

    Want an accurate and viable CPL? Then you’ve got to look deeper into what optimisation really means for your business.

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