7 steps to define your B2B email marketing strategy

Email is dead, right? Well, with an ROI of around 2,500% email practically pays for itself (DMA). With compelling statistics to back up successes it’s hard not to be drawn to the lure of email marketing.

When defining a B2B email marketing strategy, the more planned and targeted your strategy, the greater results you will see. These 7 steps will help you define your B2B email marketing strategy:

1. Email marketing goal

To kick start your B2B email marketing strategy you initially need to know why you are doing it. The three most common email marketing goals are sales conversions, sharing content and website traffic but the execution of these vary considerably. For example, a sales focused email will be pushing more demo requests and quotes from your sales team. Whilst you may use your content such as blogs and thought leadership pieces to drive interest in particular solutions, case studies or products.

2. Lock on your target

With your goal in mind, it will be easier to identify your target audience, whether it’s a retention campaign or a prospect nurturing piece, the content and tone of the email will vary considerably. The same goes for position in the organisation – they all have different persona, which require a different message and possibly, a different approach.

3. Hit the e-nail on the head

When you know your goal and your audience, you can start to shape your messages. The expertise you have in house is a great place to start – if you’re selling products, then focus on how it solves customer’s pains; if you’re selling expertise, then share your best insights and offer a little bit of value (and intrigue).

4. Make it easy

Make decisions easy for your audience by adding a clear call to action to all of your emails. Whether you’re driving traffic to a blog or your website, a juicy click through to an engaging piece needs to be clear and be available at multiple points within your email, especially for those reading on a mobile.

5. Email makeover

With email, presentation is vital. A large number of email clients still block images, so using multiple images in emails means many recipients won’t see them. With this in mind it’s important to keep your messages in text form with images in line and formatted naturally.

6. The mobilution

The age of the desktop is almost over; the age of mobile has just begun. This is not stopping at mobile phones. With glasses, watches and wearables all coming to the high street everything will soon become a notification tool. Instead of becoming intimidated by this mobile revolution we need to embrace it and cater for a multitude of devices. How? Test, test, test. Make your email look beautiful on every device, browser and email client for complete consistency – no matter how much pain!

7. After email

The easiest thing to do, but the one often forgotten is the email follow up. In the age of analytics we’re obsessed with open rates and click through statistics. What is often overlooked is that the people opening the emails are people, not numbers. Having a superb automated nurture program will only get you so far. The best technique to reach engaged prospects who open emails, participate in all of your campaigns is to pick up the phone and have a conversation with them – this requires better alignment between marketing and sales.

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