A New Era Of Personalised Marketing

A while ago a discussion was raised at a DMA Council meeting on where marketing was going. As usual, everyone had a different opinion, but essentially we were all agreed that significant changes were happening within the realm of marketing as new channels and technologies enabled more customised and tailored conversations: personalised marketing.

Personalised communications have come a long way. Gradually it’s become possible to engage with a prospect or customer on a one-to-one level with a completely unique and personalised marketing message, both through digital and print.

What’s more, with smart profiling, the ability to interrogate data and the possibilities of social scraping, personalised communications can go to a completely different level.

Anyone remember Minority Report? We’re not quite there yet, but it’s not that far away. Whilst that level of bombardment is frightening, a truly personalised message with a bit of thought behind it, can resonate and get traction with your next customer.

Highly personalised messages are easy with B2B

In B2B marketing, the volumes are lower, so it is much easier to create a high level of customisation. In some cases, individual records can be reviewed manually and a tailored message created specifically for that individual or that company.

For example, we’re creating a direct mail on behalf of a software company that specialises in risk management. We’re handpicking the individuals to talk to and creating a message bespoke to each about their business and their specific concerns. In some instances, there’s even personal information referenced – gleaned from social media.

Call it ‘stalking’ if you will, but if done well and carefully, the results can be impressive. Not least deliver a terrific ROI. When we applied this to our business, we got a 50% response rate when the direct mail was followed up with a telephone call and 27% of the people we mailed agreed to meet with us. We’re still rolling out the campaign, so the results will improve (I hope).

So what level of customisation should you go to and how much is too much?

For us, we might talk about specific industry pains. We show them we know their sector and the particular issues they’re having. We demonstrate sector knowledge by mentioning their competitors and relevant interesting news that is probably affecting them. We empathise with the issues specific to their job function. We show them that we’re human too and have personal interests as well.

Ultimately, we’re looking for common ground or ground to start to build a relationship. We want them to let us in and be receptive. You can only do that by at least knowing them first. Then you, or your sales team just have to listen.

What about volume?

So, we do this by using small volumes for our clients. Usually manageable amounts where it is possible to individually interrogate records in a database. Typically, this might be up to 1,000 records over the course of a year. If you’re going for volume, then would this approach work? Probably, with a damn good CRM that’s well thought though and kept up-to-date. Brush up your profiling skills and enlist the help of a good agency. The rest is up to your imagination.

What are you doing to get more personal? I’d love to know.

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