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The 30 Minute B2B Content Workout

Welcome to the thirty-minute, weekly B2B content workout. Fortunately, this workout requires no physical output, as I’d be woefully unqualified for the job. Limber up those typing fingers and get your thinking caps on – it’s time to make some great content.

Thirty minutes a week doesn’t sound like much, but if Jamie Oliver can make meals that fast then us B2B marketers can rustle up fantastic content. As long as you have the right tools and you’ve prepped, you’re ready to cook. Let’s go:

00:00–02:00 – The warm up:

First, you need a topic. Not a topic bar, but an idea for your piece. Make sure it’s relevant to your audience and that it’s likely to be beneficial. Creating a content schedule is a valuable trick; you can add ideas to it whenever inspiration strikes, then write them up the next time you’ve got a spare half an hour (rare, I know).

Next, you need to open Word, Pages, Notepad (hey, I won’t judge you) and think of a title. At this point, it’s worth establishing your keyword to include in your title. Trust me, it’ll come in handy later on.

02:00-10:00 – The climbing frame:

Nothing structures a piece of B2B content quite like a simple framework. I like to make a bullet point for each paragraph, adding a brief sentence about what will eventually go in it. This way you’ll know where you left off and have a better sense of direction.

I always think to myself: “If I had to make a tweet about this paragraph, what would I say?” Then if you do have to write social updates afterwards, you’ve got a fresh batch of tweets already baked. Tastes sweet, doesn’t it?

10:00-20:00 – The main workout:

Feeling those calves burn yet? You shouldn’t be, it was just a metaphor – you should be sat at a desk. Anyway, now you’ve got your framework it’s time to fill in the gaps. Try not to waffle; content is at its best when it’s concise, appealing, and most importantly helpful.

Just remember, there’s a whole world of content out there getting bigger by the minute. What can you offer that hasn’t already been done a thousand times? Consider this at every stage: if your audience won’t gain anything from it, why are you writing it?

Enthusiasm for the topic is also key, it helps you write faster and more naturally. It’s obvious when someone doesn’t enjoy what they’re writing – people won’t enjoy reading it either.

20:00-23:00 – Group exercise:

No matter how happy you are with your content, you should always pass it by your team before you upload it. You may think there aren’t any mistakes, but what if you’ve written ‘revenge’ instead of ‘revenue’ or linked to your holiday photos instead of an infographic… a colleague will (hopefully) spot this. Once you’re all happy, it’s time to move on to the final stage.

23:00-30:00 – The cool down:

Now you’ve got the hard bit out the way, it’s time to reflect on your content and upload it. Creating the right content is one thing, but it’s important that it gets to the right people. Make sure you’ve used your keyword throughout your piece, added alt-text to your blog imagery and optimised for SEO purposes as well as you can.

Social updates can come later, but for now, just stretch out and relax. Feel good? You should. Keep it up (remember this is a weekly workout) and you’ll start to see the results – if you’ve got any questions, or want to know when Jamie Oliver will be suing me for copyright infringement then tweet me here or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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