What are the best advertising technologies for your business?

In recent years we’ve seen a proliferation of new advertising technologies in B2B.

From intent data to artificial intelligence technologies, there are now more ways than ever to target your audience and manage digital campaigns.

This is a great thing. However, there are almost too many options on offer. Investment levels tend to vary a lot and each platform serves a different purpose, so decision-making can be complex.

But we’re not saying you should think about this negatively. Although it’s difficult initially, the prospect of new data and efficient ways of working makes investing in advertising technology all worthwhile.

It comes down to thinking carefully about your decision. Consider what works with your strategy, budget and audience.

Which advertising technologies are right for you?

We’ve put together a new guide on the latest B2B advertising technologies that will help you work out which solution is right for you.

The advertising technologies covered in the guide are:

  1. Intent data platforms – Platforms that can track how buyers are consuming web content and the keywords that relate to that behaviour.
  2. Audience networks – Audience segmentation within ad platforms to assist intelligent targeting.
  3. AI Platforms – The impact of conversational marketing and intelligent chatbots.
  4. Account-based ad platforms – How to target specific accounts using IP and cookie-based technology.
  5. Platform connectors & APIs – How to pull data from one place to the next using automations and integration platforms such a Zapier.

Find your solution

The advertising technologies guide provides straightforward definitions of what these technologies are and how they can benefit you. All platforms are rated and likely costs alongside ROI are outlined.

We also look at which platforms are suitable across multiple regions. For example, which platforms reside better in the US and which are more suited to GDPR rules in Europe.

Sound good?

Make a step change in digital advertising today. Download the full advertising technologies guide here.

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