Digital transformation: For B2B marketers

As B2B marketers ourselves, we at Modern understand that initiating business-wide digital transformation is hard work. However, with the right plan in place, you can deliver.

How? You ask?

Understanding the task ahead

B2B marketers who want to move towards digital transformation must first understand the potential impact that several key pillars of digital thinking have on their role. They must also understand what they are currently lacking, in terms of skills and knowledge of digital.

To plot your own course towards change, you need to:

  • Accept the reality of where you are now.
  • Understand that not everything has to change overnight – rushing will only compromise effectiveness.
  • Effectively prioritise your to-do list, and stick to it.
  • Consider how, as part of your process, you can win the support of your team, the board and the organisation around you.

“Moving up the digital curve matters because B2B digital leaders turn in stronger financial performance. Top-quartile B2B players generate 3.5% more revenue and are 15% more profitable than the rest of the B2B field.”

McKinsey & Company

Without further ado…

The 6 pillars of digital maturity

Digital pillar #1: Better use of data

Digital is in many ways defined by the ever-increasing volumes of data collected via websites, apps, devices and content marketing. Often the data is difficult to interpret, it’s hard to identify value and therefore it’s use is limited. So, step one – consider how to better understand your data, what business systems to leverage and how to innovate based on insights.

Digital pillar #2: Better engagement

Digital puts the focus on customers. It enables us to test what prospects like, what they don’t like, and create personalised communications and experiences. As part of your ‘better use of data’ consideration process, think about how you could leverage information to deliver better digital experiences.

Digital pillar #3: Speed and agility

As much as anything else, digital is a mindset defined by Agile, the development methodology that guides digital organisations through problem solving. By getting them to focus on collaborative problem solving, customer-centred thinking, short-phase working, experimentation and a readiness to react quickly to change, Agile promotes thinking fluidly and an improvement in pace. Here’s a great summary of Agile from The Drum.

Digital pillar #4: Better reporting and visibility

With all the data and insight now available, digital is frequently praised for the way that it improves reporting. However, this won’t be true in organisations with low digital maturity. To make actionable data more readily available for reporting and to other key business departments, you need the right metrics and systems in place.

Digital pillar #5: Optimisation

As we’ve touched on throughout, digital transformation isn’t just about websites, apps or social media. It’s about improving processes to make them more efficient and cost effective. As part of your journey towards digital maturity, consider how processes or tech stacks could be optimised to free up your team for more creative and strategic work.

Digital pillar #6: Managing change

One of the most common themes that leaders within organisations who have embraced digital often talk about, is the need for effective change management. By taking on more of a leadership role within your organisation, you can minimise the impact of business silos and work with the board to manage business-wise change smoothly.

What pillars have you mastered?

Achieving digital maturity isn’t easy. That’s why in our digital transformation guide we’ve mapped out how to drive digital change in more detail.

Download the guide now.

Speak to Modern today if you’d like professional support with your marketing transformation. 


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