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Drift and Modern accelerate their partnership across EMEA

Drift and Modern have announced that they will be extending their partnership to power-up Conversational Marketing across Europe. Modern is one of 14 industry-leading agency partners in the UK that have been selected to form part of the EMEA partner ecosystem. These agencies will be working together to implement Drift in the most effective way, making customer-first and integrated B2B buying experiences possible.

The two companies presented at The Festival of Marketing (7th – 10th June). Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community at Drift, and Nicola Ray, CEO of Modern, shared how Conversational Marketing can improve your buyer experience and marketing ROI (without increasing your headcount).

Modern is leading the implementation and integration of Drift in Europe, through agency-client relationships. To support this, the agency has increased its headcount in strategy and marketing automation, as well as upskilling a team of Drift qualified consultants. The ultimate goal is to provide the best possible integrated strategies, utilise the platform in every campaign and deliver ROI.

Nicola Ray, CEO at Modern:

We are seeing a dramatic shift in B2B marketing. We know our customers are leaning more towards digital self-serve and personalised website experiences, and Drift is paving the way in conversational marketing to make it easy for customers to say ‘Yes’ digitally.

“Give your customer what they want in a conversational, personalised way, and you will see incredible results. Whether that’s part of an ABM campaign, demand generation activity or business-as-usual. Last week, a major client saw their first sale from Drift just 10 days after it went live; accelerating their desire to roll out Drift across the whole of the business.”

Drift is the world-leading Revenue Acceleration Platform that combines Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to create a single solution for go-to-market teams. After record-breaking growth in the US over the last 12-months, the company is now focused on market-expansion and partnerships in Europe. This news follows the release two new Drift products: FastLane and SalesSeat, helping B2B companies create qualified pipeline faster and speed up the revenue lane.

James Ski, Head of Partnerships at Drift:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with Modern. Our ambition at Drift is to build one of the most valuable partner ecosystems in EMEA in the MarTech and Sales space, and we see Modern playing a very key part in that. We can’t wait to see what’s to come to drive above-and-beyond customer experiences and even better revenue outcomes”.

With 90% of B2B sellers believing it’s valuable to have a Conversational Sales solution in their sales process, by extending their partnership, Modern and Drift are bridging the gap to build the Conversational Marketing ecosystem and improve B2B buying journeys.

About Drift

Drift is the Revenue Acceleration Platform that uses Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to help companies grow revenue and increase customer lifetime value faster.

More than 50,000 businesses use Drift to align sales and marketing on a single platform to deliver a unified customer experience where people are free to have a conversation with a business at any time, on their terms.

About Modern

Global leadership teams trust Modern, the award-winning B2B Marketing agency, to deliver marketing-led business solutions that define and realise bold ambitions. From singular campaigns to wide-reaching transformation programmes; Modern helps the world’s most innovative businesses to grow wiser, stronger and faster.

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