Five ways Drift accelerates your revenue

In the right circumstances and with the right strategy behind it, Drift is one of the tools we love to implement for our clients. As we move towards a world where more of the buying process takes place online than ever before, sellers that implement Drift and use it in the right way can gain a real competitive edge.

In this article, we’ll show you five ways that Drift can positively impact the one metric that truly matters – revenue.

What is Drift?

First, let’s look at what Drift actually is. Drift provides AI-powered chatbots that you can add to your website or other pieces of content. You’ve probably seen them when you browse the web, sitting in the corner asking you if they can help. Maybe you’ve engaged with one before?

The chatbot is just the front end of Drift – there’s much more going on behind the scenes.

For example, you can set up personalised chatbots for visitors who you already know. Plus, you get the data from every interaction, which you can make use of via other tools.

But, how can one little box make such a difference to your revenue numbers? Here are five ways Drift accelerates your revenue.

1. Drift matches today’s buyer’s journey

There has been a power shift in the way buyers buy. Vendors used to hold all the cards, restricting information and who they speak to. Now, the buyer has all the information they need at their fingertips, and would rather do their own research before talking to a salesperson. Plus, they want instant gratification – they don’t want to wait around for someone to get back to them.

A Drift chatbot allows potential buyers to find the answer to whatever question is on their mind, instantly. Sellers can use Drift to provide the fast, easy and seamless experience that today’s buyers demand.

2. Drift is always on

A Drift chatbot is like the perfect salesperson for your business. It always says the right thing (once we’ve implemented it), it’s never too busy to talk to a customer, and it never goes home! At weekends and after hours, it’s your night watchman, engaging with potential customers and moving them along their buyer’s journey.

You can also program Drift to work in different languages, ideal if you’re looking to expand internationally.

3. Drift connects sellers to buyers

Even in the digital-first age, sales is still about conversations. Your salespeople do business through conversation. However, one of the toughest parts of selling is reaching a buyer at a time when they want to hear from you.

What Drift does so well is connect sellers with buyers at the time when the buyer is most engaged, when they’re actually on your site looking at your solution. Drift keeps the conversation ticking over, answering questions and boosting your brand in your buyer’s eyes. Then, when the time is right, you can deploy your human salespeople to move the process forward. It’s automation with a human touch.

4. Drift gets sales and marketing teams working together

Getting your sales and marketing teams out of their silos and working together is critical for boosting revenue. In a landscape where so much takes place digitally and multiple decision-makers for every purchasing decision, sales and marketing need to take a coordinated approach, focused on the customer.

To get the most from Drift, your marketing and sales teams need to be aligned – identifying opportunities, creating content and using data to improve the process. Drift helps marketing teams generate higher-quality leads, while sales teams see better conversion rates, boosting revenue.

5. Drift brings it all together

The deeper you get into Drift, the more you can customise to make the sales cycle shorter and accelerate revenue further.

Drift integrates into your tech stack, connecting with other sales and marketing tools like Outreach, Salesforce Pardot, Cyance and 6Sense. When you combine Drift with other solutions in this way, you create a multiplier effect that maximises the value of your entire stack.

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Drift is an awesomely powerful tool that can have a dramatic impact on your revenue. First, however, you need someone who can create a strategy to get the most from Drift.

At Modern, we help our clients integrate, accelerate and get value from amazing tech like Drift.

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