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Times are changing. The role of marketers is also changing. Gone are the days where all you needed was a spark of creativity and good communication skills – marketing is now much more than that.

The wider business community holds common and unfair misperceptions about marketers and the importance of marketing (Economist Intelligence Unit), often due to perceived lack of results where results aren’t being made clearly visible (in the form of reporting). They are often challenged by not being seen as a trusted input to business strategy at board level.

AdAge research indicates that only 38 seats, or less than 1% of Fortune 1,000 company board seats are occupied by a CMO. They reported that as advancements in digital technology change the way customers interact with brands, directors with relevant digital experience will be needed more than ever:

Any company considering a period of growth really needs to have marketers at the top table influencing how the business grows.

Simon Carter, Marketing Director, Fujitsu – Marketing Week May 2014.

Today’s marketers are not only challenged by the rapid growth of digital marketing channels and technology such as relationship management and marketing automation; data and analytics also take a front seat.

In this guide we explore some of the key factors determining whether a marketer gets a seat at the board table.

So are you ready? Download the full Director’s Guide: Getting Buy-In From The Board here or take a look through the Infographic below:

Director's Guide Summary Infographic

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