5 hot digital marketing tips to make the most of your campaigns

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape of new technologies and buzzwords. In this barren wasteland of uncertain trends, it seems the only way to get the most out of digital campaigns is to do what we’ve always done: gate content, email it to the database, write some social posts and hope the leads crawl in. But alas, this usually isn’t enough.

The perfect digital marketing campaign is a continuously evolving shapeshifter that is hard to tame, but there are techniques you can use to mold the perfect campaign machine. This blog covers the 5 core digital marketing tips that will get more from your campaigns:

1. Plan. Track. Measure.

Before any campaign starts, goals are essential – and yes, surprisingly, we’ve had clients that don’t always want to work to goals, and invariably the campaign tanks. Once the objectives are in place, set up the appropriate tracking process using UTM tracking codes, marketing automation tags and implement relevant conversion points to accurately measure the success of each channel in the campaign.

This end-to-end measurement will give a birds-eye view of all campaign touchpoints and will allow you to know exactly what is working in the campaign, and what you can adjust to get the best results. Most marketers get excited about this level of control, and why wouldn’t you? Visibility allows for ultimate control so you can tweak and adjust as required to meet those objectives. So, stand tall marketing geeks – and get into those numbers.

2. Match content to campaigns and buyers

Humans are content creators. Every social post, every email, every thought you put out into the ether is for intelligent life to consume. B2B technology businesses are no exception. Match the content your organisation creates to real people and align with their problems and challenges. Consider where in the buyer journey the audience is and which messages will resonate with them the most.

Too often we see campaigns focused on products, vendor or service provider. That’s all well and good, but is only relevant when someone’s engaged with you. To create demand, you’ve got to pique your audiences’ interest and that’s usually by adding value, challenging the norms or showing how your organisation understands the market dynamic or industry challenges.

3. Where do your audience spend their time?

To create content for your audience is one thing, to identify where your audience spend their time and reach them is another. It’s easy to assume everyone has a social media account, but this isn’t always the case.

So a single-sided approach isn’t as effective as a having several strings to your bow. Diversify channels and proliferate messages to ensure you reach your targets.

4. Work campaigns even harder

Naturally when a campaign is implemented, marketers breathe a collective sigh of relief, and it’s on to the next campaign. Unfortunately, I am yet to be involved in a campaign where thousands of people download content straight away, simultaneously request demos and get qualified by the sales team in one fell-swoop (if you have, I’d love to hear from you).

Marketers, as a clan, we’re a bunch that learn quickly and look to apply findings to campaigns. We’ve all worked on digital campaigns before, we know the tricks and if we don’t, we know where to find them. Pull out all the stops to work each and every campaign as hard as possible, as Emi covers in this post.

5. Kick ass and repeat

The campaign was amazing, but rather than stand there and take all the credit, take notes. What worked? What didn’t? Have the leads converted into opportunities? If so, what level are they? The analysis at every touchpoint of the digital campaign will reveal nuggets of marketing insight that will help you craft future campaigns.

One key thing to note with campaigns is to not get too attached to assets or techniques. Sure, one advertising platform may work well for one audience, but that doesn’t mean it will work for every campaign. If the ROI is expensive, axe it. I recently got too attached to a LinkedIn advertising campaign, the results weren’t as good as other platforms, but I got attached nonetheless. Pausing the ads was like disappointing a kitten. Moral of the story: don’t be precious, be pragmatic.

These 5 digital marketing tips are not the only ways to run or enhance a campaign, but they lay the foundations of any successful and repeatable campaign process. What are the most effective campaign techniques you’ve discovered? It would be great to hear from you, give me a shout out on Twitter.

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