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How to manage Twitter followers

Twitter admin can be a time-consuming and monotonous task – trying to build engagement and follower counts while occasionally purging your timeline of less-relevant accounts. Instead of wasting hours, make the most of your time with a few nifty tools and tips to help you get the most from your Twitter followers.

Stop following inactive users

Want to reduce your following/follower ratio? There’s no better way to do this than deleting all inactive, fake and spam accounts that you may be following. Use a simple tool like ManageFlitter and the free version will let you delete 20 accounts each day. Signing up to a Pro Account will let you delete more. ManageFlitter (other Twitter tools like Tweepi, Audiense, TweetDeck, Twiends are also available!) will also let you build your following and let you see which accounts aren’t following you back.

Twitter is all about engagement and conversation.

Engage and talk to your users

The more you’re seen to engage, the more followers you’ll attract. There are so many ways to engage with your audience – from GIFs in your posts to polls, videos, quizzes and general audience questions – it’s just a case of how much you want to interact your audience.

A summarized feed

Who really has the time to scroll through their feed to see what their peers are saying? Luckily, Twitter has the “You may have missed…” feature, but for a more detailed summary, tools like Paper.Li dig out the most relevant stories for you. It’s the perfect time saver.

Engage. Time it right. Add value.

Tweet at peak times

Want more engagement? Then find out when your peers are online. Tools like Buffer can help you work out when key followers are online, allowing you to schedule your tweets accordingly. Likewise, platforms like TweetDeck and Hootsuite can help you juggle multiple Twitter accounts and schedule tweets in advance.

By implementing these few simple processes, your time on Twitter will be more efficient, more engaging and better for your business.

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