What insights can you gain from B2B email marketing data?

Whether you have cold data, warm data, old or new, a successful email program can lead to an increase in the number of new opportunities. But rigorous analysis of the B2B email marketing data and performance results can provide so much more to your overall marketing than just an increase in new opportunities.


It’s obvious that we all have different tastes, issues and interests, so receiving a relevant experience is ultimately what we all would like. But how do you do this based upon a limited amount of intelligence and insights? Well, you test, learn and develop insight through behaviour.

By analysing response rates over time, patterns begin to emerge of hot topics, interests and challenges. By using these as the basis for segmentation, it’s possible to start to deliver messages that you know they are interested in. This gives a better experience and drives a dramatic improvement in conversion.

With some analysis as well, you can feed the information back into your buyer profiles, or personas, to provide a more rounded picture.

Hot topics defined from B2B email marketing

Your database is a hot bed of insight into the challenges, topics and content formats that are of interest to your target audience. Most B2B email marketing has such low volumes and responses that testing messages and formats renders true statistical analysis impossible. There’s simply not enough data and the results are neither reliable nor valid.

Whilst the results of testing may not be reliable, it’s possible to feed the data on interests back into the database and back into your wider marketing. You’ll begin to get a ‘feel’ for what topics generate more interest and this valuable insight can be fed into your content creation and messaging so you give your customers what they want.

Behaviour over time

One fascinating area that email can give insight into is your contacts’ and leads’ behaviour over time. Your ongoing nurture programme will come in handy here since it’s running continually and will be ‘hoovering up’ any contacts that aren’t yet marketing qualified or already involved in a dedicated email workflow. This also means volumes are likely to be higher so we can trust the results we find.

This pool of B2B email marketing data is useful for analysing which messaging or offers drive action, or even simply the number of emails it’s likely to take before you convert a contact into a lead or from a lead to a marketing qualified lead.

To give you an example, during a recent analysis of one of our client’s nurture campaigns, we found that conversions were common after the 7th email, 22nd email and 45th email. The moral of the story? Don’t stop. (And, whatever you do, always keep your nurture programme running and in healthy order).

Looking beyond the loose metrics

So go beyond the loose metrics of open rate, click through rate and conversion and start to analyse the wealth of data that you are generating. This critical analysis will allow you to continuously improve your email nurture program, but will provide a wealth of other useful data too.

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