Check, check and check (your LinkedIn B2B Digital Marketing checklist) again

Over the last five years, LinkedIn has seen a significant boom, and B2B marketers have taken full advantage of it to fuel growth and see results.

In the last 12 months, 96% of B2B marketers used LinkedIn to distribute content.

And, with more people working remotely we are seeing a shift in how buying groups are making decisions together, including in how they consume content. The new norm is mostly virtual, purchasers are ‘going everywhere’ for more information about providers before purchasing and more than four people are now involved in the buying process. This has made delivering B2B lead generation campaigns a constantly evolving challenge.

You most likely know that crafting a B2B digital strategy can take months to prepare, with planning for strategy, technology integration and how your Marketing and Sales teams collaborate. The good news is,  there are things you can do now to ensure your campaign implementation is ready to have a big impact, generating more leads in LinkedIn with decision-makers active in the platform. To give your LinkedIn B2B Digital Marketing the best chance for success, read our four key areas to consider before hitting ‘Launch Campaign’.

Building your LinkedIn checklist for success

Building your own LinkedIn checklist is the golden ticket for you and your team. It gives you the best chance to set up a successful B2B LinkedIn campaign.

Here are some things to consider when creating your checklist:


Hitting your ideal personas 

There are a lot of targeting options available on LinkedIn – make sure you’re not using too many of them at once, certainly not early in your campaign. Pick three of the most relevant options for profile-based targeting, make sure to think about skills and interests – and consider who is likely to be in your buying group, influencing it, or even joining it in the very near future.

Prompt your team to consider all tools to build an audience: matched audiences (retargeting for website, contact, accounts and engagement) as well as audience expansion (real-time similar profiles based on your targeting). Include an ideal audience size guide: a cap of about 50k is impactful for lead generation, particularly for static, video and text ads.

Sometimes there will be fish that swim through the net, but by monitoring ads and excluding people who aren’t relevant, you will be able to target a more desired audience. For example, if you are targeting the C-suite and you can see some managers slipping through, you can alter your target audience to only include people who have the right attributes for your campaign:LinkedIn Job Seniorities

Exclusion filtering is also impactful. For example, if your audience is enterprise manufacturers but you’re seeing small business owners or consultants in your form conversions, you can exclude by company size:

LinkedIn Company Size

If you find you aren’t getting enough clicks or conversions, it could be because there is something wrong with your targeting. However, don’t rule out other scenarios where the issue could lie including the messaging on your ad.


Setting your budget

Make sure you’re taking advantage of budget controls, and pace your Campaign groupings by segmenting intended spend, so you can learn quickly first, and then act on insights. To spend smartly, allocate some of your total budget to test your audience, and find out what you need to spend daily to deliver the results you need. LinkedIn offers a performance forecast for your audience, and you can define Daily & Lifetime Budget caps. Let’s say you must run your activation for one month – you can build a Campaign with an audience based on your persona research, test it live for a week or so by monitoring the analytics, and then make amends to your audience size and daily budget before going full steam ahead.

Selecting a Daily & Lifetime Spend per campaign, as well as adding budget caps at the Group level in Campaign Manager, will ensure you have the best handle on performance.

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Focusing on the funnel

Awareness: video, single image, conversation
Consideration: single image, carousel, conversation
Decision: single image, carousel, message ads, lead gen form

High-performing campaigns feature format combinations – LinkedIn recommends mixing video and carousel ads to drive engagement, or single image and message ads for website conversions. If you can’t decide on which format will work best, LinkedIn can help you to decide – when you switch between different ad types, you can see Forecasted results.

Remember, if in doubt A/B test!


The ‘Check, Check and Check Again’ checks

This is the ‘save your bacon’ section. Often, it’s the basics of your configuration where it’s easiest to make mistakes. Have your team’s back by listing out critical checks. For example:

– Is your target audience correctly set up?
– Have you set up conversion tracking?
– Have you picked the right campaign objective in Campaign Manager?
– Have you set daily and total budgets, and budgets at Group level?
– Have you checked to make sure you’re not using too many ads?
– Where are all the places a landing page URL needs to be checked?
– Have you set your campaign end date?

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful B2B LinkedIn digital marketing campaign, it’s about getting the basics right and then evolving based on performance from your learnings. Take a peek at our digital advertising optimisation techniques guide for some more inspiration.

Need help taking your LinkedIn campaign to the next level?

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