Make mobile a priority

Making mobile a priority for B2B marketers doesn’t mean getting a mobile website. By the same token, you don’t need to be swiping right on Tinder for key prospects.

There are areas that B2B marketers don’t do well when it comes to marketing on mobile, and it causes problems. It skews the metrics when reporting and, quite frankly, makes campaign results look pants.

So, this post covers a mix of on-site and off-site best practices to ramp up mobile interactions

The website essentials

Yes, everyone has a responsive website now. It doesn’t mean it’s any good. Beyond a responsive site, user experience software like CrazyEgg will tell you where people scroll, what users see and the varying interaction levels between devices.

This allows marketers to optimise each page with CRO changes for specific devices and track the success of the site on an ongoing basis.

As well as key pages on the site, landing pages are also important to measure, especially If they’re used for lead generation campaigns.

A poor performing landing page can be costly for the entire campaign. For a quick win, you could use pre-filled forms on social media sites to get the sales team to connect and follow up.

Conversion paths can tell a similar story and reveal where users are dropping off, as well as allowing you to identify flaws in processes.

Unfortunately, it can take a little while to dig around in the data and it isn’t as straightforward as some alternatives.

As part of your inbound marketing plan

Beyond your website, where you share your content is also completely in your control. To put it simply, if you’re sharing content that isn’t mobile friendly on social media- you’re insane.

The number of users who solely use social media on mobile is vast, so make sure you cater to their mobile needs (maybe don’t push a 71-page ebook).

Paid promotion is the same, some campaigns have tanked with little or no conversion rate because their audience is clicking through on mobile and interacting with landing pages that aren’t up to scratch.

Terrible form alignment and having to use two fingers to zoom in on pages are big no-no’s..

It’s the same story with email too. Here are my major bug bares:

1. Emails are not mobile ready.

Templates aren’t optimised for mobile content, the copy is teeny-tiny and the links are too small for my fat fingers.

2. The content being promoted is gated.

This is an alien concept to me. Surely if you’re emailing me, you know my email and you know I clicked on your site. So why do you need information that you already have?

3. The content is looooong.

I don’t want to view this on my mobile, give me an option to send it to my desktop or offer mobile content that I might prefer. Videos work well, as do infographics.

There’s a lot of talk about voice search (ba doom tsch). You can read up on some nice ways to use it here.

To save you a click, the post suggests that more questions are being used than of search terms. So it’s more important than ever to answer questions when forming a content marketing strategy or writing content.

One of our favourite sites for discovering what people are asking is Answer The Public, (just ignore the impatient, bearded man).

These are the basics for making mobile a priority. It’s something that will continue to change throughout 2018, with new standards, devices and trends to adhere to.

What have you found to be effective when it comes to mobile marketing? Are there any B2B brands that give a complete mobile marketing experience? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @n1colaray.

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