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Simple social media marketing ideas to kick start your B2B marketing activity

Social media is becoming increasingly important for content distribution, lead generation and awareness. As an agency we work lots of different clients who have different objectives, so we have to create and use lots of different techniques. So, we thought we’d pull together some simple social media marketing ideas which will help you achieve your social media objectives.

1. Twitter Chats

These are the great way to engage with people in a given industry and keep up to speed with the latest findings. Twitter chats work by following a hashtag, then the host asks a series of questions and participants answer. They are usually around an hour in length and key influencers and thought leaders often get involved. Use this nifty little schedule to keep on top of which chats are coming up.

2. Twitter advanced searches

Boolean searches within Twitter allow you to pinpoint conversations happening that you can get involved with. These can be questions around your industry, hashtag specific and can even detect the sentiment of the tweet. Advanced searches allow you to reign in by location and start targeting geographically.

3. Twitter lists

We always find it a surprise how many people don’t use Twitter lists. One of favourite tricks is to create a list of awesome people and engage with their tweets. This will allow you to focus on specific users and keep those that matter close.

4. Trends on Twitter

There are some consistent hashtags on Twitter that are nice to be a part of, for example, #FollowFriday is a great way to engage with influencers and it makes other users feel loved. #MotivationMonday is a great way to start the week with an inspirational quote or image. Experiment with these hashtags and see how much engagement you get.

6. Twitter website cards

Twitter allows website cards to pull out an image and add 70 extra characters to the description within a link as a call to action. These are regularly used in paid campaigns to drive website traffic, but can also be shared organically.

7. Twitter Ads

Advertising on Twitter has come on leaps and bounds with lead generation directly through Twitter, website cards which can drive traffic to your website and video marketing campaigns. The targeting has improved within Twitter ad campaigns too allowing you to target hashtags, keywords and even followers of specific accounts – keeping your campaigns nice and tight.

8. Engaging with other people

Social media is all about being social. So, as well as promoting your own content, make sure you curate content and have regular conversations with other users. This will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Feel free to comment on other user’s thoughts if they are relevant to your industry too (don’t be shy).

9. LinkedIn Groups

These handy little groups are a great place to start discussions and reply to other users questions. Go careful out there, some of LinkedIn’s Groups are filled with spam. There are still some good groups around though, but you need to do your research and find out where the meaningful conversations are.

10. LinkedIn Publisher posts

As mentioned above, LinkedIn Publisher allow you to share your content to everyone in your LinkedIn network. This is an effective tool for the sales team to position themselves as thought leaders. LinkedIn Publisher is a bit like a blog and the trick to get traction is to make sure you format your post.

11. LinkedIn ads

What makes LinkedIn advertising magnificent is their targeting options as you can focus on industries, job titles and company size to name a few. What this means is audience targeting is super-niche before they reach your website. As well as targeting by these parameters, you can also focus on group members of industry specific groups.

12. Facebook tabs

On a Facebook page you can add content containing a blog, YouTube videos, tweets, a Pinterest board to name just a few. These allow easy integration across social media, so get adding.

13. Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful advertising method, and when teamed with Facebook can be even better. Why? Facebook is slowly taking over the world. By setting up a Facebook remarketing pixel, you can advertise to people who have engaged on your website or on specific pages. Remarketing to these users through Facebook can help increase overall conversions. One thing to bear in mind is Facebook is a very active place with people who regularly comment and engage, so 24/7 monitoring is needed to respond to people who interact with your updates.

14. YouTube cards

This handy feature allows you to add a call to action in the top right of your videos. This allows the viewer to click through to read more of your content or go through to a gated page. This can be incredibly useful for driving website traffic. Remember UTM tracking codes to measure success of video marketing activity.

15. Custom links

A quick idea when sharing content is to create custom links. These can be done through link shorteners and contain a small preview to what your content will be about. These give a quick snippet of the blog and hide long URLs and tracking codes. An example of this would be

16. Video content

Video embeds fantastically within social media and can work wonders for your engagement rate. Explainer videos, product demos and ‘how to’ pieces are a great way to start. With video on social media, keep it short and relevant - 30 seconds is the perfect length for a quick introduction. What’s more is that video content is very easily consumable on mobile devices – it’s far better than reading text or white paper content. So start to move your content into video as well to capture them when they’re not at their desk.

17. Private messaging

Using private messaging on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allows one-to-one conversations on a very instant platform. This increases the likelihood of your message being read and will develop a deeper relationship with the individual. These work best when they are personalised and relevant to the individual and can come from individuals within your team as well as the brand handle.

18. Images of your team

Going to an event? Got a team building day? Share it. This kind of social activity adds personality and faces to your organisation – and gets terrific engagement.

19. Sales users should make an impact too

Social media isn’t just for the marketing department. The sales team should be using social media to engage with key accounts and prospects. The most common platforms for the internal team to use in a business context are Twitter and LinkedIn, so pull together a social media policy and get your team on board. Learn more about social selling.

20. Quotes kick ass

Quote imagery is commonly used on social media and generally gets good interactions. If the quote is placed on a strong image, it’ll also get good standout and engagement. Just make sure you add your branding and tag the person that you’re quoting in the tweet text are (flattery at its best).

21. GIF-mania

Utilising humour and translating sentiment can be done in the form of GIFs. You can also use company branded GIFs to distribute your key content. Furthermore, shortening videos into GIFs can also increase engagement and convey a message quickly.

22. Pinned posts

Have you got a piece of content you want to make sure people see? Every social media platform allows you to pin images to the top of your profile to ensure users see this content as your top update.

23. Competitions and polls

Polls and caption competitions engage your audience, especially when it is entertaining and relevant. Polls can be created through Twitter and Facebook and allow your audience to vote on a given question. Caption competitions are also a great way to use humour on social media and increase engagement. This comic below is fine example.

24. Snippets of content

Shattering content to distribute on social media is a great way to raise awareness and get key points across. This works exceptionally well with visual content such as sections of infographics, a GIF or a bitesize video. Again, it’s visual, so it gets engagement.

25. Case studies

Every business should have case studies. These overlooked content gems can be stretched even further through to social media. Create imagery around poignant results, quotes or pull out key highlights to get your points across.

26. Blog distribution

Every marketer should already be sharing their blog content on social media. That’s a given, but it’s not a one off. A blog can be broken down into 30 tweets, 5 LinkedIn updates, 1 explainer video and a personal LinkedIn Pulse post, so get going.

Why stop with your own content? Share the content of your favourite news sources, thought leaders, influencers, prospects and clients too – they’ll feel loved and the karma will be repaid. (Don’t forget to tag them in your social posts so they know you’re distributing it).

27. Live events

Trade shows still play a big role in B2B marketing. Live tweets and social posts should be monitored constantly throughout the event using advanced searches. This is a perfect opportunity to take engagement beyond social media by reaching out to prospects and influencers at the event (ask them if they want to grab a coffee).

28. Testimonial imagery

Branded testimonial imagery offers social proof. It’s perfect for case studies, project outlines or product reviews. If you tag the individual and organisation you’ve helped you’ll add further weight to the social proof (and they may share it too).

This is by no means a complete checklist, simply some B2B social media marketing ideas to kick start your engagement.

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