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Smashing search awards in 2020

Hyland, a named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Service Platforms and one of our long-standing clients, has been named a winner and as finalists in 3 international award bodies.

We are delighted to see Hyland winning a category in the UK Digital Growth awards and being shortlisted in the Biddable awards and the Global Search awards.

The awards stem from the work we have been doing with Hyland over the last two years on the company’s global digital advertising programme. Including search, display, social advertising and programmatic across US, LATAM, APAC and EMEA and resulting in significant upweight in leads and 32% lower CPA.

The whole team at Modern are delighted to have placed in the awards. It is great recognition for the hard work and commitment from the team and we are so pleased to have achieved it with Hyland.


“Modern is a true partner, invested in our success and focused on our goals. I’m appreciative for all that they do to help deliver results for Hyland every day.”

Colleen Fleming, Manager of Digital Marketing, Hyland

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Information on strategy, challenges, and results, revealed in the case study:

Hyland: Global B2B digital advertising programme

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