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I’ve never really been into TV series, but recently I’ve been watching Mad Men. What I can’t help but admire about the advertiser characters (aside from their ability to stomach a gargantuan amount of whisky) is their attention to, and understanding of their target client; they understand exactly how to connect with them, how to resonate with them and how to provoke a response.

Within the realms of social, we often forget these rules in a bid to get the message out there as much as possible. Instead of focusing on quality engagement, we resort to pointless metrics and follower counts to justify spending time there.

So, when it comes to quality engagement what should we be looking for? When surrounded by numbers and metrics, we forget that the people we’re trying to communicate with on social media are… well, people! That’s where quality engagement and interactions take priority over quantitative metrics.

Now, engagement is a fluffy word, but it’s important as it relates to your initial social goals and what you want to achieve. To be clear, engagement in this post refers to quality conversations, retweets and interactions (DMs and mentions) from the audience that you want to spend your time with on social.


What does a quality engagement look like?

For me, a quality engagement would:

  • Be from a person, such as a prospect or customer.
  • Be from a brand of relevance – for example, a partner, supplier or brand that can help elevate my presence within the community I’m targeting.
  • Go beyond just a standard impression or view. For example, like the post, share the post, add a comment, write a post and link to it, send me a box of beer *cough*.
  • Open up the opportunity for ongoing engagement and develop a further relationship for mutual benefit.

I’ve been thinking a lot about measuring engagement recently, especially with influencers. How do you know if you are developing a relationship with someone on social media, is there a process to follow? I honestly don’t think there is; people aren’t linear – but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement a scoring model to measure these engagements, documenting interactions between your team and social media influencers.

None of this should stop at your corporate social account either; it’s a much stronger approach to connect and develop relationships on social media through a personal account.

That’s great, but how do we measure social media engagement?

‘What gets measured, gets managed’ is a simple phrase which’ll get you a standing ovation from most marketers. There are metrics to help measure relationship-based interactions, which vary depending on your social goal.

It’s easy to think that talking about yourself on social media and getting as many followers as possible are the right metrics to go for, and your manager might think the same. However, there are individuals out there with less than 1,000 followers or connections who are considered influencers because of their expertise. Again, it’s all about quality.

What’s your experience of quality engagements on social media? Have you had any, and how does it make you feel? Tweet me, or send me a message on LinkedIn. Let’s have a chat.

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