The 3 biggest challenges in enterprise B2B marketing

Planning, delivering and measuring enterprise B2B marketing activity is no easy task.

This is particularly true if you’re targeting the EMEA market and your head office is somewhere in the States. We work with marketers that are in exactly this position and they face a lot of common challenges. Here are the top three that we keep seeing time and time again.

1. Localisation (a.k.a de-American-ising)

First and foremost, let’s talk about keeping things local (and I’m not talking about organic cheese). We see time and time again that EMEA marketers working in large global orgs are all fighting the same fight.

They receive a steady stream of ‘global’ (highly Americanised) content that’s targeted at the wrong verticals, written in the wrong tone and using completely the wrong language. Lo and behold, the States are shocked when EMEA campaigns don’t deliver the same results as they do in the US.

And who gets blamed? I’ll let you guess.

Weeding out the wheat from the chaff, setting the right strategy and localising content takes time and thought. But it’s also essential to drive results in your target geos.

2. Process (a.k.a herding cats)

All large global organisations are the same, where multiple departments are involved in getting a campaign out the door. The marketing department, the content team, the social team, the digital team, the marketing automation specialist, the CRM specialist, the dev team… I could go on, but I only have 2 hours left until I have to leave the office to pick up my kid from daycare. In a nutshell, coordinating these departments is a full-time job in itself.

Briefing each stakeholder, managing relationships between departments, following it all through and, most importantly, tracking it all to measure the number of leads and opportunities delivered by the activity is easily the most complex part of delivering any good B2B marketing strategy.

The key is process. Once a set process is in place, tested, optimised and perfected, things really begin to fall into place. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it’s also not impossible. We’ve found that getting this right can be the key to transforming the impact marketing has across the organisation.

Better yet, as an EMEA marketer, it will help get you noticed by your senior leadership team.

We’ve seen it turn heads more than once when the EMEA marketing team delivers new processes and results that blast other geos out of the water. That process is then rolled out globally because it was so successful across EMEA.

3. Reporting (a.k.a. *cough* promotion)

Because getting a campaign out the door can involve 7 departments (or more?), often dotted around the world, getting an accurate view of the results can be a bit of a rigamarole.

I don’t know about you, but we like to track performance and results daily, especially at the beginning of a campaign. Weekly check-ins are the absolute bare minimum, but when you try to get this info from each department, it can be like trying to get blood from a stone.

The key here is to have a single point of contact managing all departments, with complete visibility of the campaign and relationships with all stakeholders. They can then gather all the data that’s needed and measure the ongoing performance of a campaign. Crucially, they can hold each team accountable and make sure work is completed quickly and measured accurately.

It’s worth mentioning, this person needs to understand how each of these elements works as well, so they can tell the good from the bad and feedback to each team as needed.

So what do you think, EMEA marketers? Did we get it right? Did we miss anything? Leave us a comment about your top B2B marketing challenges or find us on Twitter and let’s chat about it.

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