Tangible Benefits of Influencer Marketing

The REAL (tangible) benefits of influencer marketing

When it comes to influencer marketing, let’s cut to the chase. What are the results? After all, influencer marketing takes a lot of time and finesse, so how are you going to justify the time and budget that you dedicate to it?

Reach your audience (and get them to listen)

As marketers we spend all day, every day hunting for our audience in new and magical ways. Influencer engagement has to be one of the most straightforward ways to reach them directly in a meaningful way. I’m not going to go through how to identify an influencer just now, instead I’m going to focus on how awesomely powerful this idea can be.

When an influencer engages with you and shares your content with their audience, it’s a powerful, targeted endorsement. They’re putting their stamp of approval on the content you’ve created and distributing it directly to the people you need to reach. In fact, a recent Forrester report found that 80% of all B2B purchases involve some form of word-of-mouth recommendation (hint hint – here’s where your beautiful influencers can pay a huge part.)

Radically improved social media engagement

This almost goes without saying, but let’s put some numbers behind this, shall we? Based on our experience with software and technology businesses, we’ve seen the following results from influencer marketing:

  • Rocket your Twitter reach from 2,000 per week to 175,000 per week
  • Increase social media engagement levels by ten-fold
  • Increase URL clicks through by more than 8 times

And once you’ve driven all that gorgeous website traffic…

More (and higher quality) web traffic

This is an interesting one and it’s something that we’ve seen again and again. Targeted social media activity such as influencer engagement simply drives higher quality website traffic.

Across a range of our clients, visitors from social media:

  • View more pages
  • And are less likely to bounce
  • Spend a longer time browsing (e.g. five times longer)

We’ve also seen social media (primarily Twitter and LinkedIn) drive a serious increase in ‘net new’ visitors which is one of our early stage metrics when we’re delivering lead generation campaigns.

Sigh… I love you, social media. You bring the sweet, sweet juice.


Quite simply, surround yourself with credible people and it will rub off on you. When you’re engaging with the top players in your industry on public forums and on a daily basis, your brand will be elevated as a result. And credibility is only the beginning of what these relationships can deliver into your business. Once you’re in the company of these giants, and you’ve really connected with them, they will work with you, interact with you, share your stories and embrace you. It’s incredibly powerful.

Better leads

Here’s the real corker. Targeted social media influencer engagement drives higher quality leads. After all, why shouldn’t it? You’re speaking directly to your audience through a highly credible and well respected source. You’ve driven better quality website traffic, so why shouldn’t the leads follow suit?

In fact, we recently worked on a campaign that drove an increase pipeline of $1 million over one quarter. I’m not allowed to talk about the details of that one yet, but it’s coming soon.

How about you?

What are your influencer engagement wins? I’d really love to hear about them. Tweet us at @Modernb2b

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