What’s The Motivation Behind Your Content Creation?

Whilst we’re all very busy with our content creation and effective content distribution, it’s rare that we stop and think what we’re going to produce and why.

We often find that there is an enthusiastic drive to tell the world how amazing the product/service is and then attempt to cram in all the features, functions and benefits. What we fail to forget is the ‘why’.

  • Why should I listen?
  • Why should I buy from you?
  • Why do you make it or do it like that?

The end result of our content creation: a lot of content with little thought about what the prospect or customer wants to hear.

So how do you look at the ‘why’ and how do you make it engaging?

For me, the ‘why’ is about understanding your business and what drives you. The ‘why’ – a famous TED Talk from Simon Sinek back in 2009 explores this complexity.

Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Sinek does a sterling job and we use his talk regularly to explain our clients the importance of understanding and communicating the ‘why’ in order to attract the right audience, be relevant to that audience and ultimately convert them.

This is the first part. Know yourself (or your business). And you will create powerful stories that people will connect with.

An example: Volvo Trucks.

Whilst it’s a well-used example, it clearly demonstrates the ‘why’ behind this B2B product.

Volvo Trucks: The Hook

And if you haven’t seen the Jean Claude Van Damme video, then probably need to see it. The video clearly reinforces the ‘why’ behind Volvo Trucks again, but with a slightly different story and nearly 75 million views.

Volvo Trucks: Epic Split

Do you know the ‘why’ behind your business? And are you incorporating it into your content creation?

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