You won’t believe these 5 issues with clickbait marketing

In this world, we are reminded constantly that quality is more important than quantity.

Yet back in September, ‘Clickbait’ became one of the newest additions to the Oxford English Dictionary. Marketers worldwide are succumbing to this trend, even those who are known for high-quality content.

Clickbait marketing sucks, so why do people do it?

As someone who’s new to the world of B2B marketing, I am ready to learn. I’ve found that the information is all out there, but eye-grabbing, clear cut headlines are often followed up with cloudy content and mixed messaging.

As B2B marketers we know their reasons. Clicks mean money, and clickbait headlines mean clicks. Printed news isn’t as profitable as it was, and the online consumer wants their news punchy, concise and ordered.

When it comes to inbound marketing, we all know the score. Create content that is interesting yet succinct. But trawling through blog post after blog post riddled with repetitive content in the same ‘one size fits all’ style is enough to make you yawn. So I have yawned and yawned.

And now I’m tired of it.

Don’t drink from the poison chalice

Misleading headlines can have a profound effect on the intended audience. So, is it appropriate for B2B marketers to fill their blogs with misleading headlines, which act as a gateway to insignificant or unrelated content?

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