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Admincontrol offers solutions for secure collaboration and easy sharing of documents in business processes such as board and management work, due diligence, capital injections and stock exchange listings. They are the leading supplier of board management technology in Scandinavia.

Since October 2018, Modern has supported Admincontrol with brand awareness and lead generation efforts through content creation and distribution via social media, email, display and third party in both existing and new regions across EMEA.

To generate net new leads, this campaign focused on using 3 new pieces of content employing local language advertising and email nurture communications whilst exploring different targeting methods.


The primary objective was to generate net new leads across 7 regions, whilst exploring new lead gen methods, followed by a dedicated nurture sequence The aim was to achieve in 122 leads, £40,000 revenue, a CPL of £90 and long-term, valuable customers.

We were blown away by the performance of the campaign, achieved thanks to Modern’s unique campaign setup and detailed thought processes.

– Daniel Vadet Hansen, CMO, Admincontrol


Admincontrol required additional assistance in supporting 7 of their key regions delivering multi-language content to aid lead generation. Our priorities included:

Intelligent targeting

Gathering valuable insights on targeting relevant prospects, in particular the breakdown of genders. The target audience for this campaign was very male dominated. We explored using gender relevant imagery in our targeting, to maximise interaction.


We explored engagement with content in local language which required us to work closely with our regional contacts at Admincontrol to ensure experiences were localised.

Lead generation 

Using LinkedIn lead gen forms to support regional teams with lead generation, as well as introducing Admincontrol and Board Portal to newer markets such as the UK and the Netherlands.


The campaign delivered 366% of the lead target. As a result, the campaign was extended an extra quarter, delivering in total 831 leads at an average Cost Per Lead (CPL) of £24.72, 73% less than forecasted (£90 CPL). Sales to the current value of £19,000 have been generated – and counting.

Research and testing into targeting and segmentation has provided Admincontrol with deeper insights into their audience and how best to get in front of them. As a result, the EMEA campaign is now considered an annual ‘business and usual’ campaign. We look to further build upon this targeting in our future lead generation and account-based marketing campaigns with Admincontrol.

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