Accelerating growth through digital channels

FreedomPay is an open payment platform provider offering advanced commerce solutions, including secure payments and new payment options to retailers, food and beverage, and hospitality brands globally.

On the precipice of high growth through product development, the SVP Marketing was tasked with raising the profile and creating a sustainable lead generation programme. The brief for Modern was to deliver digital growth through multi-channel digital marketing and a comprehensive content programme into 2020.


The primary objective was to demonstrate that digital can deliver high quality leads and is central to the growth programme.


FreedomPay operate in a fast-changing, innovate environment where new product concepts are born out of innovation and regulation in equal measures. The challenges of the brief included:

Complex propositions

New product propositions. New regulation. New data architectures. FinTech is fast moving and changing dramatically, there is a lot of information in the market pitched at all levels. This brief looked at demonstrating value and tangible benefits of rethinking data and payments in the loyalty space and enabling a reality check for those looking for panacea for a single customer view.

Hard to reach discerning audiences

The proposition was firmly to be pitched to a ‘what if’ audience of game-changers and innovators within loyalty focused businesses. Pitching the content at the right level with just enough explanation alongside visionary thinking – that all made sense to senior decision makers was critical.

Lead management reporting 

The operational element of getting leads into the database and flowing through to sales in a seamless fashion.


The campaign which targeted mid to enterprise businesses in North America and Europe over delivered with 50% moving to MQL status. A significant number of leads came from the enterprise sector – a prime sector for FreedomPay.

The programme is entering 2020 with additional investment and will produce a stream of highly strategic content. The planned quarterly campaigns will focus on data architecture, consumer-centric commerce and the payments evolution.

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