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Gamma Telecoms is a fast-growing, UK provider of communication services to the business market. They decided to move to Pardot so they could use a single platform for both inbound and outbound marketing activity, instead of juggling two systems, neither of which was connected to their CRM, Salesforce. 


Pardot was already set up for Gamma but more from a technical perspective. What was missing was that crucial insight and best practice advice to ensure they were using Pardot correctly and in the most advantageous way for their business. With our roots in B2B digital marketing, we have the unique advantage of not only understanding Pardot, but also understanding how a business should configure and customise it for their specific marketing needs. 

Modern turned a standard technical set up of Pardot, into something bespoke to Gamma’s exact requirements. Through their depth of knowledge of Pardot, and B2B marketing in general, Modern have upskilled our team to ensure we continue to drive ROI through our investment both with Pardot and Modern.

– Joe Leverson, Head of Digital Marketing, EMEA


Gamma had already started using the system so asked us to provide Pardot consulting and support to ensure their set-up delivered exactly what they need. Ongoing support was also provided to ensure no bad habits formed.

Creating governance and organisation 

Having governance and structure is the first step to ensuring Pardot is used consistently, as well as aligned to the business. After conducting “discovery” sessions we were able to make recommendations around the organisation of Pardot, including folder structure and naming conventions. Governance and general training documentation were also created and delivered to the marketing team during face-to-face training. 

Mapping out workflows in Engagement Studio 

A key area Gamma wanted advice on was how best to use Engagement Studio for a variety of programmes. This process included understanding five different use cases, outlining in detail how each could be set up in Engagement Studio and providing suggestions on email copy and content. In most cases we worked closely with the people in Gamma who went on to implement these, offering further advice and training which helped them to get to grips with Engagement Studio more quickly. 

Bringing a large team up to speed 

A series of training sessions was delivered to Gamma’s inbound and outbound marketing teams, from covering all the “basics” to customised sessions based on the teams’ needs. These face-to-face training sessions, along with the teams going through the online Trailhead training, meant they could expedite their transition away from the old systems more quickly. 

On-demand support 

On-demand support was available to the team when they had questions about Pardot, or wanted us to check something they had set up. Having this readily available support provided a “safety net” for Gamma as the team increased their usage of the platform. The time allocated was also used to have us support them in a different way, of setting up a few Engagement Studio programmes as their team were so stretched and didn’t have the time to do it themselves. 

Setting up Salesforce Engage 

Gamma also purchased Salesforce Engage, though it had not been fully set up or configured. Working closely with the Senior Digital Marketing Manager and IT, we guided Gamma through the set up process, as well as worked with them on piloting with a small group before rolling out to the wider Sales team. Specific training sessions and documentation were also provided to ensure correct usage. 


With a solid structure and governance documentation now in place, the Gamma marketing team are following a similar process for using Pardot. Having a robust training series allowed the team to learn about various aspects of Pardot which expedited their usage and knowledge of the platform. The team are fast applying Pardot to support and automate various marketing activities, from event lead capture through forms and nurture programmes with Engagement Studio. The alignment with sales through Salesforce Engage has also improved. Programmes are now in place to help nurture leads, whether they are at the beginning or end of their buyer journey. 

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