Hyland increases conversions by 57% during pandemic

Hyland is one of the world’s leading content services providers. Our brief from Hyland was to improve lead generation through buyer-centric, targeted ads that drive to a high value asset – such as a demo request, trial or thought leadership report.


Improve the quantity and quality of leads
To achieve the right results, we had to improve customers’ experience of Hyland’s lead generation programme on a global level. At the same time, we needed to increase willingness to convert, while also cutting cost per conversion.

We also had to keep in line with the existing target of $100 Cost Per Lead (CPL) across all platforms. To make this happen, we knew we needed to deliver a customer journey that was timely, consistent and relevant – gently pushing buyers along a journey based on their interactions and conversions.

In addition, we wanted to help Hyland’s marketing team create a new customer-centric global lead generation programme, move away from campaigns based on marketing siloes, and introduce consistent reporting protocols to support better decision making.

Tactically, this meant we needed to:

1. Prevent leads converting on multiple platforms for the same asset
2. Serve assets selectively and intelligently based on level of intent
3. Enable optimisation and reporting by asset
4. Create a holistic programme not based individual platforms
5. Align the programme with the new stages outlined by SiriusDecisions’ buyer stages

Modern continues to prove themselves as a strategic partner for Hyland. They pivot when necessary in a continuously changing digital landscape to exceed our targets and produce award-winning work.

– Drew Chapin, CMO, Hyland


Key principles underpinning our strategy
The main principle that guided our strategy for Hyland was the need to control which assets are served, and when, and select appropriate content for stages on the buyer journey. We also wanted to match the right platform and tactic to each appropriate stage, enable buyers to enter at any stage, and use remarketing lists for unified audiences and greater control.

We implemented our solution in four phases:

Step 1: We aligned content with buying stage
Our first task was to create an appropriate B2B buying journey aligned to SiriusDecisions buyer stages across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.
The content machine was in full flow, so structuring content based on stage was natural and aligned with standard B2B best practice.

Step 2: We aligned platforms and tactics using customer behaviour learnings
Once the content has been assigned to each buyer stage, we also aligned the platforms and tactics with the appropriate stage. This meant we only used budget where it was most appropriate.

For example, we discovered that a demo request ad never did particularly well as Display, but would perform well with high intent keywords pushing to a lead gen form. We then refined our activity accordingly.

Step 3: We overlaid SiriusDecisions
In addition, we aligned everything with SiriusDecisions Buyer Journey Map, so all reporting could be rolled up against buyer stage. We defined four classic stages and then mapped content mapped to each one. We also helped to define the most appropriate tactics (i.e. Display aligned with top of funnel). We then overlaid the programme with SiriusDecisions to align with Hyland’s reporting structures and strategy.

Step 4: We applied B2B best practice to driving global digital advertising as well
At the same time as Hyland were applying the SiriusDecisions framework to their business, we also helped them apply that to their content and digital advertising strategies. This meant their entire approach to market was consistent and co-ordinated. It also helped them accelerate their strategy into market.

Before and after:

Staged approach by asset type and theme:


Conversions increased by 57% and conversion rate by 90% despite tough times
Following our activity, Hyland saw a 57% increase in conversions in its main US market. It also increased conversion rate by 90%. This outcome was even more extraordinary given pandemic conditions of 2020. The only way Hyland could have hit such figures during these times was through the optimisation work we provided, particularly as ad spend across the software industry rose in the second half of the year by 15% (Hubspot, 2021).

The progamme has since been rolled out to Asia Pacific regions – and we’re delighted that Hyland has embraced it with such success.

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