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When Imagen, a video management platform, asked us to look at supporting a fast-track programme to build a demand centre, our first port of call was Pardot. Central to the strategy, Pardot was the linchpin to capturing data, reporting and creating regular behaviours that would enable a step-change in lead volumes.

The programme relied on the effective use of Pardot, therefore we did a full data audit, review of current set-up, process and lead management practices as well communications strategy.

In order for Modern to meet its target of generating and tracking leads to MQL status, Pardot had to work – and the marketing and sales team had to embrace it as the engine behind their success.

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The key priorities for this programme were to enable the central demand centre processes to work. Fundamentally, we needed to use the data within the system, ensure that new data was added corrected, the lead management processes worked effectively, and Salesforce reporting was set up correctly.


Creating a step change in Pardot, we addressed the following challenges:

Data segmentation

Pardot had been used to push all messages to all prospects – there had been no segmentation to date.  Working with the Head of Sales, we defined the segmentation model and updated both Salesforce and Pardot to have the appropriate fields to enable segmented messages.

In addition, the data was cleansed removing old data, personal emails and unusable data.  This reduced the data count by 72% leaving approximately 20,000 records.  The new segmentation model was applied, the data augmented and uploaded. The correct fields were created and configured in Pardot and the data synced.

Regular cadence for business as usual messaging to segments

To ensure a regular run-rate of activity and the progression of prospects to MQLs status, a business as usual communications programme was set up.  In addition, a content strategy was created to capture leads and create the foundation for nurture programmes.  Through workshops, training and skills sharing, the team at Imagen quickly grasped the fundamentals and applied the knowledge, so Modern could focus on the lead generation campaigns.

Lead management reporting As part of the programme, the Head of Sales wanted to ensure that leads by stage were reported on and managed through the funnel. To enable this, additional contact fields, workflows and automations needed to be implemented to manage the process and appropriate reports set up.


The biggest change factor was the ability to target segments and report on progress.  Transitioning from ‘activity volume’ to ‘MQL volume’ changed the thinking of the team so that they looked at the quality of every touchpoint from first communication right through to sales.

Ultimately, the process dramatically shifted the capability of the team and the level of maturity they were operating.

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