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How To Get Your PR To Rocket

How To Get Your PR To Rocket

In a digital world, you need to think carefully about how to get your PR machine moving. With PR channels dissipating and traditional PR on the downward trend, it’s essential to maximise your efforts, regardless of whether you’re raising your profile, building credibility, generating awareness or building your brand. This is a hot topic for […]

Closing The Loop. Why You Need To Know The Cost Per Sale

Without really wanting to get straight to the point “of what budget is available”, it does have to be one of the first questions we ask before putting together a marketing strategy. They are many ways to set the marketing budget: History – you follow last year’s budget Competitive parity – which assumes your competitors […]

Professional SEO Services: Why It Just Makes Sense

Using professional SEO services is like using a professional contractor to build a storefront for your business. The way the storefront looks and functions is vital to getting customers who will browse and, eventually, buy. A professional who is familiar with SEO requirements can help you create a virtual storefront that will do the same […]

How Long Tail Keywords Can Benefit Your Business

Long tail keywords are normally several words long, and they’re much more specific than shorter, broader keywords. For instance, a short keyword might be made up of one or two words, for example, ‘SEO Techniques’. A long tail version might be ‘Small Business SEO Techniques’ which is made up of four or five words. These […]

Small Business Online Marketing: The Essentials for Any Small Business

Utilising small business online marketing can return excellent results for a small investment. For many small businesses, budgets are tight and all marketing needs to be as effective as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to reach your potential clients online. Why online marketing works for small business One of the […]