Roland DG.

Marketing transformation across EMEA.

Roland DG are world-leaders in digital printing technology. They are highly sales-driven with a complex dealership model operating globally. Over the last few years, Roland DG has restructured its operations creating a central EMEA team creating a shift in marketing strategy, marketing operations and go-to-market strategy. 

Understand the problem

With a fragmented team across EMEA and product-focused approach, there was a shift from product-centric marketing to always-on, customer-focused marketing. The marketing transformation was focused on data-led evidence to power new strategies.

Customer and market research unlocked evidence to support a customer strategy which looked at rethinking segmentation, creating customer profiles and customer-focused messaging.

Strategic approach

For Roland DG, the strategy was about transitioning the team to a customer-first approach, centralising across Europe and building the brand in the medium term – all firsts for Roland DG.

Modern has been central to bringing the team along including roadmaps, segmentation models, customer journey mapping, insights and proposition development. From a digital demand perspective, the programme has gone from single markets to a full-funnel demand programme including connected TV to search ads.


Collaborating with Modern has been transformative for Roland DG and propelled our marketing efforts in the EMEA region to new heights.

Stephen Davis, EMEA Marketing Director, Roland DG

man with a laptop

Partnership matters

The partnership between Roland DG and Modern goes beyond just consultancy. We work to drive strategic support at every level and support in the delivery of programmes.

Together, we’ve re-engineered Salesforce and enabled a stronger marketing segmentation, provided support post-rollout and elevated EMEA region in the eyes of the global board.

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