Software AG.

Building a scalable framework for ABM across EMEA.

Software AG is an enterprise integration company that allows organisations to create connected experiences across the enterprise through AI-enabled enterprise iPaaS that integrates anything, anywhere, any way.


Leadership connections made


Sales opportunities across EMEA


Ability to scale campaigns effectively

Understand the problem

As an EMEA team, each country held independent budgets and targets, however the EMEA marketing director wanted to deliver more efficient and scalable approaches to account growth. The intention was pilot, embed and scale to optimise budgets and efficiencies.

Through workshops and deep-dives; key drivers, barriers and opportunities were determined and documented. From there, a pilot country and vertical were selected based on capability, assets, behaviour, scale and access which was the foundation of the programme.

Strategic approach

The pilot programme focused on the UK banking market targeting senior directors in integration and enterprise architecture. Using a focused account selection process, over 300 net-new contacts for highly targeted communications across 10 target accounts were identified.

The strategic framework designed for the UK banking sector was tested and evolved with scaling in mind so it could be applied across other verticals and other countries. Common content, messaging and processes were designed to for all countries, but adapted for specific country regulation and account personalisation.

Partnership matters

From the success of the UK programme, the framework was scaled across a further six verticals: Telecoms, insurance, retail, public sector, manufacturing and utilities and later out to 4 EU countries.

By supporting the country field marketers with digital expertise and ABM approaches, the partnership extended to supporting the regional sales leaders meet their sales targets.

Scaling ABM

Case studies