Digital Connections 2.0

The customer is back 

In this second installment of our Digital Connections series, we surveyed 300 CMOs in large B2B companies across the UK and US. Responses reveal the top marketing technology priorities, challenges, and aspirations on CMO agendas over the coming 12 to 18 months.

It is clear that although investment in martech is still ongoing, the current global economic challenges have resulted in a renewed focus on customer value and return on investment. This shift in strategy brings marketing back to its core principles and has significant implications for data integration, skill training and marketing programmes.

This report, based on the findings of Modern’s 2023 survey will outline: 

  • The most talked about challenges for CMOs
  • Strategic priorities for the next 18 months
  • The martech being prioritised for 2023
  • ROI expectations from martech investments 


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