Marketing Dashboard Creation | Modern

Modern worked with MSM to define the key problem areas and create a sales and marketing dashboard using Microsoft Excel as the primary tool. With multiple sources of data and information, MSM Software were finding it difficult to collate and present the information in a timely and meaningful way for monthly management meetings.

The project involved collating over a year’s worth of data to create a financial model of conversion history and sales duration. This enabled accurate projections to be made with regard to pipeline, likely future conversion based on where the lead came from and ROI generated.

Client overview – MSM Software


  • MSM is a software development house that specialises in enterprise system development for UK based companies.
  • Their core competencies lie with complex software development and support for legacy languages.
  • MSM specialises in information modelling, application development, database and system integrations for charity and insurance clients.


Business situation

MSM use Salesforce as their CRM and sales forecasting tool. The Marketing Director wanted better visibility of business metrics and be able to understand how marketing activity was contributing to ROI. The objective was to enable better decision-making at board level with regard to channels, sales person performance and revenue forecasting.


Proposed solution

Modern analysed data across the complete sales pipeline to determine the past performance of sales and marketing activity by project type and lead source. The analysis included key business metrics such as lead time, sales conversion rate at each pipeline stage, average order value, marketing ROI, % contribution by lead source and business unit.


What we did

Current targets had been set with a simple model resulting in it being difficult to understand if the marketing activity was going to deliver the intended target. Simple metrics such as web traffic, PPC conversions, leads, total Salesforce pipeline and monthly sales were reported on.

With the new forecast tool within the marketing dashboard, past performance was used to model the likely performance of current activity at each stage of the pipeline month-on-month. This enabled confident decisions to be made based on robust data.

The automated tool also showed trend data, performance comparisons and pipeline flow. This significantly reduced the time spent collating data and generating reports, so time could be spent analysing the insight and making the appropriate business decisions.

ROI Dashboard

The data available to us now is much richer and robust, which means we can make confident decisions relating to levels of spend on marketing activity, sales person activity and business direction.

Ciara Wood, Head of Marketing & Sales
MSM Software


Benefits of the marketing dashboard

  • Significant reduction in time spent collating data for management meetings
  • Insight into the ‘lumpiness’ of the pipeline at each stage for better decision-making regarding marketing spend
  • Richer data including pipeline flows, conversion rate analysis against marketing channel and sales person performance
  • Deeper insight into business data and faster decision-making