Do You Suck At Lead Management?

Why does everyone suck at lead management?

The paths of marketing and sales have always been entwined, no matter how much either side may deny it. The goal of marketing is to raise interest in a product or service (i.e. generate leads), and the goal of sales is to take that interest and turn it into a...

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Marketing Automation System

Marketing Automation System: What’s The Value

Do you get value from your marketing automation system? Most businesses these days have a marketing automation system that allows them to do more, track more and perform better.  Well, you’d think it would.  Sometimes, that’s not always the case.  How much value do you think you get from your system? Often with a MAP, we’re...

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B2B Email Subject Lines: Keep To The Subject

B2B email subject lines: keep to the subject

Email remains the number one converting channel for most B2B marketers. You’ve worked hard to get that data, maintain it and ensure it aligns with GDPR requirements, so getting those all-important contacts to open an email is critical if you’re going to hit your numbers. Assuming that...

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Marketing Attribution

The Challenge of Marketing Attribution: What Drove The Sale?

The challenge of marketing attribution: what drove the sale?

I love a challenge and marketing attribution is always one that presents a challenge.  I’m still looking for the perfect marketing performance solution that tells me revenue and conversions by first touch, last touch, conversion point, conversion type and campaign –...

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Marketing Automation & Sales

Why Marketing Automation Is A Salesman’s Best Friend

Why marketing automation is a saleman's best friend

We’ve discussed getting the sales team to embrace social media to generate business, but now let’s turn our attention to marketing automation. While traditionally associated with marketing (the clue’s in the name), these platforms are hugely powerful for assisting the sales team in...

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Persona-based marketing

The Tide of Persona Based Marketing (in B2B)

The tide of persona-based marketing

There’s been talk for a while now in B2B marketing about personas and the drive to engage the customer. The magazines, blogs and experts talk about persona based marketing, but it can take time to adapt the marketing machine to this kind of change. As an agency marketer, I’ve always had a...

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B2B Email Marketing Fails

Why Your B2B Email Marketing Campaigns Are Failing

Why your B2B email marketing campaigns are failing

Recently, we’ve had a spate of clients come to us about under-performing B2B email marketing campaigns. They’re finding open rates are declining, clicks are dropping and overall the performance of the campaign has dipped. So why the poor performance? Email for B2B marketers has been...

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Marketing Automation Creeps

Marketing Automation: Does It Give Your Contacts The Creeps?

Marketing automation: does it give your contacts the creeps?

Over the last five years, there’s been a mass move to capitalise on the golden bullet promised by marketing automation. The ability to automate the communications and sales process based on behaviour triggers is a pretty exciting prospect, but at what point can it go too far?...

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Buyer Persona

Hello. I’m A Buyer Persona.

Hello. I'm a buyer persona.

What goes into a buyer persona? Attributes, behaviours, motivations, personal needs. What was once ‘target audience’ is now a buyer persona – a much richer, deeper understanding of who is buying your product and services. In my early career, we were always encouraged to go further than gender, age,...

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B2B Mobile Marketing

B2B + Mobile: An Unhappy Marriage?

B2B mobile marketing: an unhappy marriage?

Mobile is still an under-developed channel for B2B marketers – it feels like these two are completely divorced. Yet, last year the number of mobile devices in the world overtook people (GSMA Intelligence), so if you’re not on board yet with mobile marketing it’s time to begin – even for those...

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