Piloting strategic account-based marketing programmes.

Working with Commvault to connect the sales and marketing team through insight programmes and go-to-market strategies for ABM. Multiple methodologies for tactical execution were leveraged including

Displacing the incumbent

Commvault wanted to oust a competitor from a key account. When an RFP came to the table, a deal-based strategy was activated to target the decision-making unit and those within the relevant function of the global business. The messaging framework was designed to highlight the competencies of Commvault over and above the incumbent.

RFP proceeded to auction with only two vendors   (out of 8 initial vendors)
Decision maker units reached via LinkedIn ads
Clicked through to engage with content and explore message

Customer expansion programme

Commvault had a small foothold in a global French bank, but wanted to win business with the core IT team in data storage as the bank was undergoing a global digital transformation. The messaging framework was designed to highlight Commvault’s competencies in data security and cloud migration at scale – directly addressing the needs of the digital transformation team.

30 core buyers
Within IT identified and messaged
Proposals and negotiations currently taking place
9:1 ROI on opportunity