The architecture for loyalty in hospitality - and building out an empire.

The PaymentTech space is highly disruptive and FreedomPay is at the center of the payments revolution. With huge growth targets, FreedomPay wanted to organically double the size of the business within 2 years by making a play for data-enabled insights from its PayTech platform. 

Based on a foundation of transaction data and tokenisation, FreedomPay were able to enhance its product offering to deliver platform-based data insights on every transaction across a customer’s business. 

To enable this growth, FreedomPay worked with Modern to build a demand programme architecture including MarTech integration, digital architecture and demand campaign programmes.  

Once the technology foundations across Marketo, Google estate and NetSuite were in place, the campaigns rolled out.  The initial campaign, featured here, targeted retail and hospitality laying the foundation of education on how payment platforms are the new platform architecture for loyalty. High on tech, big on response, FreedomPay was blown away with the result of the multichannel campaign – all within their own marketing architecture.


2,500 leads
2,500 leads over 8 months
Multi-channel campaigns
Multi-channel campaigns utilising media, Google, LinkedIn and remarketing
Team doubled in size
Customer onboarding team doubled in size