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Dec 5, 2023


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In the ever-evolving world of B2B digital marketing, recent developments from industry leaders like Google, LinkedIn, Reddit and Drift offer both opportunities and challenges in the field. In this latest digital update from our series ‘The Digital’, we unpick what this could mean for your business and marketing strategies, and how best to stay on top of and adapt to these trends.

Google Ads Data Manager: A game-changer?

Google’s announcement of the Google Ads Data Manager is creating a buzz, signalling a new way to manage first-party data and optimise conversion rates. 

This innovative platform, set to debut early in 2024, promises to revolutionise the way we manage first-party data and optimise conversion rates. This is done by consolidating data management into a unified hub, simplifying the process of conversion tracking. One of the most significant advantages of this system is the reduced reliance on complex coding skills, making it more accessible to all marketers. Preliminary tests have showcased its potential, illustrating how advertisers can efficiently leverage first-party data for amplified lead conversions. 

This strategic move from Google could be ushering in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness, with the strength of learning how to leverage this platform reducing time and resources that could be spent elsewhere.


Google’s transparency trials

However, as Google pushes the boundaries of innovation with one announcement, it continues to find itself under scrutiny. The U.S. Justice Department has brought forth allegations that Google pays companies to use it as the default search engine, potentially limiting competition. During this trial, Jerry Dischler, Google Ads VP, admitted to the lack of transparency in communicating cost adjustments, raising concerns among advertisers. These adjustments could lead to ad prices increasing by up to 10%. The outcome of this antitrust trial holds significant implications, as it could potentially challenge Google’s dominant position as the primary search engine on various products. 

The ongoing legal proceedings are expected to continue into 2024, prompting us to remain vigilant about the efficiency of digital platforms and explore new opportunities as they emerge within the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.


LinkedIn’s commitment to connection and conversation

LinkedIn’s  latest product roadmap has been set to deliver bespoke solutions and a range of fresh features, all within the platform’s domain. These updates encompass customisable event registration forms, refined Conversational Ads with reduced frequency, purpose-built landing pages, predictive audience targeting and the eagerly awaited click-to-message ads. 

The click-to-message ads are set to seamlessly transport ads from the feed to users’ inboxes, all initiated by a simple ‘start chat’ call to action. The strategic announcements highlight LinkedIn’s commitment to retaining user engagement within the platform. However, as these innovations roll out, the industry’s attention is increasingly focused on how they impact user experience and conversion rates. Testing these new formats and their impact is paramount, as they are gradually integrated into the LinkedIn platform.


Reddit’s privacy pivot

Jutta Williams, the Head of Privacy at Reddit, has made a significant announcement that could reshape user ad experiences on the platform. Reddit, the platform known for its unique blend of content and community, is removing the option for users to opt out of personalised ads, as of October 2023. It is worth noting that specific European Union countries may potentially be exempt from this change due to GDPR regulations. Williams highlights that this strategic move aims to enhance the relevance of ads presented to users and Reddit claims users won’t experience an increase in the volume of ads. However, the implications of this decision on user perception are yet to be seen. In a world increasingly focused on trust and privacy, this move by Reddit adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing discussion about privacy in the digital sphere. 


Drifts AI ambitions

Drift continues to leverage artificial intelligence to refine buyer engagement and experiences. Drift’s keynotes provided a glimpse into what’s on the horizon, with upcoming features such as Drift Engage, Site Concierge and Bionic Chatbots set to launch soon. These innovations promise more tailored playbooks, giving users the option to have the flexibility to craft their playbooks, and cross-journey optimisations. This could allow for a more effective, holistic user experience. The Drift website offers an immersive tour of the Site Concierge and the chance to witness the Bionic Chatbots in action, giving a comprehensive insight into these new features. As these innovations roll out, rigorous testing and an unwavering focus on enhancing the user experience will be paramount, ensuring there is strategic alignment between these features and your objectives.

The digital landscape is in a state of constant evolution, driven by transformative change across platforms. Staying informed, adapting to these changes where necessary, and exploring new features can ensure you remain up to date but also on track with your goals. Navigating this dynamic environment with Modern can be the key to unlocking success, as we continue to inform, question, test and advise on this ever-changing landscape.

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