5 principles that should underpin your B2B digital ad strategy

Are you reviewing your B2B digital ad strategy at the moment?

B2B digital advertising spend is currently increasing year-on-year. Last year, the money outlaid on B2B digital ads soared by over 22% in the US alone.

And the increase in spending is not just happening in the US. The trend is being repeated across the world, even more so in the wake of the pandemic. Companies are shifting budgets previously assigned to in-person activities like events and redirecting them towards digital ad campaigns.

At the same time, ad technology in B2B is developing fast. New platforms include everything from intent data to artificial intelligence. And B2B ad technology is maturing, making it easier for marketers to cater to niche audiences and lower budgets.

What’s your digital strategy?

The burning questions for any B2B marketer right now just have to be:

  • have you got your digital ad strategy right so you can catch this wave?
  • and are you doing everything you can to get the most from your money?

Introducing: The digital advertising management principles guide.

We often inherit ad campaigns when we take on a new client and discover that basic foundations – like proper objectives and KPIs – haven’t been decided and tracked.

In today’s world, where online advertising is so important, this simply can’t happen.

So we’ve taken the bull by the horns and set out the key principles you should follow.

Key management principles

Specifically, we show you how to:

  • Review your KPIs – so you are measuring what you really should be measuring
  • Test and learn – so you can continually improve by taking controlled risks
  • Create the right team culture – so you get a balance of creativity and process
  • Be strong on tracking – with a clear naming convention that can be understood and implemented across the whole marketing function
  • Build an omnichannel approach – so the channels you’re targeting works together and not against each other

We’re not pretending all this is easy. With B2B digital advertising, the complexity of the buying journey often creates challenges that will seem difficult to overcome. But stick with it, with the right principles, and you will succeed.

You can download the full management principles guide now.

What’s next?

If you find that useful – you may also be interested in our companion guides on B2B ad technologies and B2B digital advertising optimisation techniques.

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