Accelerate your ABM journeys with Drift

Mapping out ABM journeys is an essential step in preparing to execute your programmes. For success, all journeys need to be personalised, have authentic messaging and be humanised for maximum opportunity. Three things that Drift can offer on a plate.

For starters, it’s critical to think through the journey from start to finish.

Example: Would you find treasure on a desert island if there was no map?


You’d get lost, befriend a rusty tennis ball and risk getting eaten by sharks.

Real results happen when Sales and Marketing work together to design a journey that’s:

  • personalised to their customer by using conversational technologies such as Drift
  • well-balanced with a suitable cadence between each stage
  • integrated across the whole tech stack
  • designed to share relevant content, in the right place, at the right time.

It’s about plugging in suitable tactics with the most efficient technologies and humanised creative messaging.

For more ABM tactics and considerations, visit our ABM library.

Configuring the tech stack for your ABM workflow

B2B marketers have struck ABM gold in the last year as ABM technologies continue to proliferate. For this blog, we’re focusing on the communication workflow, where Drift conversational marketing wins gold on the podium.

With integrations into LinkedIn, personalised messaging, video plugins, branded conversational landing pages (hosting downloadable content) and tailored bots based-on ABM accounts; Drift allows you to meet your buyers where they are to give them a truly VIP experience.

To help visualise how Drift can do this, we’ve pulled together an infographic below outlining a simple ABM 1-2-many workflow.

Achieve a 60% open rate using Drift video

In a recent campaign for a Software/ IT client, we utilised Drift video messaging at an early stage of the workflow. We saw a 60% video open rate with an average view duration of 23 seconds – all tracked through Drift. Compared to the recent figures on email benchmark open rates in Software/ IT (10% open rate), that’s a pretty good result (HubSpot, 2021).

Elevate your ABM journeys

We’re not saying it’s as simple as this infographic, but it’s a great starting point. As I alluded to earlier, the success of your ABM campaign is also dependent on how well you can leverage your tech stack to fully personalise the journey and delight your customer. It’s also about communicating a valuable message that resonates with the right audience.

Technology is amazing. But marketers can’t take a backseat. There is a lot of preparation and strategic thinking that needs to go in before the technology can truly elevate your ABM campaign. For a smarter, more personalised and qualified approach.

Start leveraging Drift today

Want to talk about how to design your ABM workflow, boost your brand and get more opportunities? Get in touch. We’d be happy to spill the beans and share more Drift success stories.

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