Account based marketing tactics for B2B

Getting account based marketing tactics right is essential to the success of any ABM campaign. Think of them as your strategy building blocks – without a good strategy behind it, no project can meaningfully deliver.

Leveraging experience from some of the B2B ABM projects that we have delivered, here’s my take on the most important account based marketing tactics to consider:

1. Is it the right solution?

ABM is best used to target specific, high-value accounts that meet a certain set of criteria. If you’re looking for volume or quick progression, consider other strategic forms of marketing.

2. Get business-wide buy-in

Doing ABM well requires investment; time, money, effort. Our job is to convince the leadership team, sales and the rest of marketing that it’s worth it.

First off, present the concept to them and explain how it supports your business goals. If they’re happy in principle, plan the project thoroughly including clear and realistic information on:

  • Required budget
  • Timescale for the activity, and to see results
  • Each team’s role (and how much time they will need to invest)
  • How you will measure success

Deviating from project plans is sometimes unavoidable, but minimising this will help retain stakeholder support. Consider enlisting individuals (or an agency… just saying!) with ABM experience to increase your chance of success.

3. Pick the right accounts

My last account based marketing tactics blog was all about choosing the right accounts for B2B ABM programmes. In summary, make sure that account selection is both strategic and informed.

4. Consider brand awareness

If it’s likely that your target accounts have never heard of you, think about adding a brand awareness phase to your ABM programme. As well as promoting who you are and what you do, include details such as key clients in their space, analysts you’re recognised by and highlight your USPs. Consider using ungated (but tracked) assets as part of this.

5. Evaluate your target contacts

Possibly my favourite of the account based marketing tactics. Simple, but effective!

To make ABM work you need to understand your audience – the people, not their job role. By the end of this project, aim to be able to articulate the personality and working style of everyone on your target list. This is valuable for a number of reasons:

  • When you reach out to that person, the messaging will be far more personalised
  • You will gain valuable information that can be passed to sales for their follow-up
  • Over time you might see a pattern – are we only ever having success with CIOs who exhibit XYZ traits? By understanding where to focus your efforts you increase your chances of success and, ultimately, revenue

6. Make it personal

When the time comes to execute your campaign, make the experience as personalised as possible for the prospect. There are plenty of ways to automate at least some of this, so it doesn’t need to be difficult or ridiculously expensive. Also, consider how you can make your approach unique… just adding their name to everything isn’t ever-so innovative.

7. Don’t rush it

A lot of effort goes into preparing these campaigns, so don’t be tempted to rush the delivery. Remember these are high-value strategic opportunities, so staying in front of people for a longer period of time is beneficial. Consider the length of the sales process and plan your programme to support it.

8. Measure performance

Monitoring engagement with ABM campaigns can be tricky. Think about how you could track each stage of your programme, and less traditional metrics that you could use e.g. delivery information for postal DMs to get an idea of performance and present this back to the business.

Make your ABM campaign happen

For practical advice on achieving all of the above, and to discuss account based marketing tactics that would fit your business please contact the experts at Modern.

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